SYRQMC Quarter Midget Racing

SYRQMC is a not for profit organization that provides a place for children 5-16 to race quarter midgets.  Quarter Midget is a family oriented sport that involves racing in specially prepared cars.  A quarter midget car is a scaled down version of an actual midget race car, approximately 1/4 scale.  The cars are build around a tubular frame and are fully suspended with springs and shocks.  Surrounding the driver is a roll cage and nerf bars.  The engines are a single cylinder and manufactured by HONDA or BRIGGS & STRATTON.   The cars, rules and safety procedures are designed specifically for the kids.  The race on a oval track approximately 1/10 of a mile.  

Quarter Midget Racing is a family sport that includes the whole family and brings families closer together.  Not sure how to set up a car?  No worries, we have MENTORS that walk you through everything.  Not sure if racing is for your family?  Stop out at our track at the New York State Fairgrounds on a Sign & Drive event where we will fit your lil racer with all the safety gear they need and let them take out one of our cars for some laps.  Ask all the questions you have with plenty of our experienced racers and handlers ready to answer them all.  Stop out and watch some racing, we typically run every friday night from April to October.  ADMISSION IS ALWAYS FREE!!

Rookie Program

Any child 4 1/2 are eligible to attend rookie training and practice on the track, however they must be 5 years old to race.  There are two levels of Rookies.  All kids regardless of age must start with a red restrictor plate.  Once they have completed the requirements they can move up to Blue Rookie class with a blue restrictor plate before being allowed to race in a competitve class.  A rookie driver must participate in at least three events before graduating to a competive class, one of the three must be in red rookie.   Moving up will be up with be at the disgression of the rookie director and the parents.  Rookies do not race for points.  

Our Rookie director will hold weekly training sessions with the rookies and their parents.  On race days the rookies will have a half hour of practice on the track with just the rookie director.


The following tasks must be completed during training sessions before a driver will be allowed to compete in a race:

  • Consistant lap times 
  • Demonstrate the ability to line up in various positions
  • Demonstrate the ability to come in the pits and stop 
  • Demonstrate the abilty to follow flagging by the flag person
  • Demonstrate the abilty to cleanly enter the track from the pits
  • Demonstrate proper response to hand signals
  • Demonstrate the abilty to take the checkered flad from the flag person at the end of the race
  • Demonstrate the abilty to safety exit the track 

All handlers need to be present with their drivers for rookie training.  

If you have any question please feel free to speak with our Rookie Director, Glenn Korec

SYRQMC encourages children to learn about sportsmanship and build life-long friendships.

  SYRQMC is part of the USAC.25 North East Titans regional series!! Check the series out at ....... North East Titans website