USAC.25 is the nationally known racing organization that our club is sanctioned under and abide by the USAC.25 rules and procedures.              

All of our members are required to hold a yearly membership licensing with USAC.25 in order to be on the track to practice or race.  Your USAC.25 license allows you access to race any USAC.25 sanctioned track.

For more information check out their website at                                            

Yearly membership license will need to be completed online. 

USAC Full Membership

Promotional Events - Arrive & Drive

SYRQMC will be hosting a few club promotional - Arrive & Drive day through our the season. 

This is a great oppotunity for your child to get suited up in all our safety gear and take one of our Quarter Midget race cars for 15 laps around the track.  Members will be there to help give your children the opportunity to see what it is like to be a race car driver.  Families will be able to interact and learn what our great sport is all about.  Our staff is ready to answer all your questions. 

Fee is $20

$5 coupons are available or mention you checked out our website and we will give you the $5 coupon.  

Please bring a copy of your child's birth certificate when you attend any of the Arrive & Drives.  If you cant make any of our dates on the scheule, please contact us and we will set up a date and time for you.  

Syracuse Full Member Ship

2018 Membership Options

  • SYRQMC Full Club Membership - $110 (Does not  include your USAC.25 membership)
  • Full Club Membership - $110
  • Racing Associate Membership - $60
  • Alternate Handler - $25 (Does not include your USAC.25 membership)
  • NON-Members - Any USAC.25 member is welcome to run our track as much as they want without a membership.  Please present your USAC.25 card at sign ins and you will pay the non-membership rate. 

Race Day Fees (PER DRIVER):  

  • Members Rate -  1st  & 2nd cars - $15 each and each additional  car $10
  • NON-Members Rate - 1st  & 2nd cars - $20 each and each additional car $15

To complete your 2018 SYRQMC membership, click..... 

2018 Membership Form